There are tons of articles on the internet these days about anal bleaching.  It seems to be a trend that is here to stay.  Many articles talk about intimate whitening being unsafe and not needed.  While it might be true that lightening your anal or vaginal areas might not be a required option, there are now a lot of people that want to investigate the procedure to make themselves feel and look better.


What causes Anal Darkening?

causes of anal darkeningA common myth is that dark skin in ‘intimate’ areas such as anus, vagina or inner thighs is caused by not cleaning the areas properly or often enough.  This myth is completely untrue.  The most common cause of dark skin patches in these areas is due to skin chafing, or rubbing together.  If you have dark skin patches on your inner thighs, you can easily see how the skin rubbing together over time can cause this to happen.  The same is true for anal and vaginal areas.

It is possible that your dark skin areas can be caused by a medical condition such as dermatitis or possibly eczema. If you have any concerns at all that you may be suffering from a medical issue, it is strongly recommended you visit your doctor or ideally a qualified dermatologist before starting any intimate whitening.

Buy American

Why buy American?  The USA has some of the strictest controls over medicines in the world.  The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) carefully monitors and controls all medications buy americanavailable on the market.  While the FDA does not test all cosmetic products, they do certify labs that usually create these cosmetics.  There are also many laws and controls on the books that ensure that what companies list as the ingredients on the bottle are accurate and true.

Unfortunately, there are many reports of cosmetics from other countries such as India that have been found to contain harmful ingredients not listed on the container.  Since the US is a massive market with over 300 million people, there are a lot of choices of safe products available that you likely wouldn’t find in countries with a smaller population.

If you don’t live in the USA, many companies based in this country sell their products in many areas of the world.  Another option is to purchase the product online and have it shippped to your country.  It might cost a bit more for shipping but you would have peace of mind that you are buying a safe product.

If purchasing online, make sure that the company is based in the US and that their manufacturing facility is also located there and is FDA certified.  Looking at the website’s contact page will usually give you the information you need. Another good place to look for advice on anal bleaching is at


What to Avoid

Ingredients to avoidIf you buy a skin lightening cream from a good manufacturer in the USA, chances are that can be sure that you are getting a good product that doesn’t contain harmful ingredients. The skin lightening industry has come a long ways in the last ten years or so and there are lots of skin whitening creams on the market that only contain safe and natural ingredients.  This wasn’t always the case and there is always a chance if you purchase a foreign product that they are still using some of these dangerous or questionable items.

Ingredients to avoid in anal bleaching creams:

  1. Hydroquinone
    Hydroquinone is still used in some prescription strength medications but there is some concern that it can cause cancer and should only be used if a medical condition warrants it’s use and it is prescribed by a doctor.  Hydroquinone used to be the most common skin lightening agent in most anal and vaginal bleaches but more natural ingredients like kojic acid have successfully replaced this ingredient in most modern creams.  It is still legal for it to be used so make sure that the product you purchase doesn’t contain any.
  2. Mercury
    It goes without saying that you should never use a product containing mercury as this element is extremely dangerous to the human body.  You will never find mercury in any American product but there have been documented cases of products from some third world countries containing this hazardous material.
  3. Steroids
    Topical steroids have their place in the medical world.  They however have no place in any cosmetic product and should only be used for medical conditions as diagnosed and prescribed by a qualified doctor.

Test First

It should go without saying that any cream with active ingredients that you are going to apply to your skin, especially in these areas should be tested on your skin first.

How to test skin whitening cream

Since everyone’s skin is a bit different, what might be fine for most people might cause you discomfort.  Before heading straight into bleaching your anus, try the cream you have chosen on another area of your body like your thigh or stomach.  Skin areas that are soft like the area that you are going to whiten are best.  If you choose to test the skin whitening cream in an area exposed to the sun, make sure that you apply a sunblock with an SPF rating as recommended by the manufacturer.

Congratulations on your decision to take a positive step towards making yourself look and feel better.  Hopefully these few simple tips will keep you safe and happy in your quest.