Anal Bleaching – Safety First!

Anal Bleaching - Safety First

There are tons of articles on the internet these days about anal bleaching.  It seems to be a trend that is here to stay.  Many articles talk about intimate whitening being unsafe and not needed.  While it might be true that lightening your anal or vaginal areas might not be a required option, there are now a lot of people that want to investigate the procedure to make themselves feel.. Read More

Steps to Better Skin for Men

5 Steps to Better skin for men

When it comes to skin care, men are the forgotten sex.  It seems that virtually all articles, advertisements and products for skin care are targeted towards women.  But what about men that care about their skin? While products designed specifically for men’s skin are as common as a three dollar bill, the good news is that they do exist.  And many of the products on the market that are marketed.. Read More