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Know Your Enerskin: Calf Sleeves

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Enerskin features a full line of silicone taping compression products, but our calf sleevesmight be the perfect product for you. There is overlap between the coverage a knee sleeve offers and the coverage the calf sleeve offers - if you’re just looking for coverage in the lower leg areas (calf, ankle, etc), a calf sleeve can prevent swelling and pain in these regions, and it can also help improve users’ jumping power and vertical leap.  Our calf sleeve is great for users with shin splints - find out more below. 

Pain Relief

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Compression calf sleeves are great for relieving post-workout pain. The tightness that is applied via the sleeve to the vital calf regions provides support to these muscles and ligaments, which can help prevent muscle fatigue & other pain, as well as enhance body proprioception & help keep muscles and ligaments in place.Compression stockings have been found in clinical studies to be very effective in reducing occupational swelling in the calf regions. The Reduced swelling these sleeves provide is a great way to help prevent blood clots. The gear have also been found effective in reducing onset muscle soreness during recovery. Compression gear is good for pre-workout activities too, as they increase skin temperature in the compressed regions. Calf sleeves provide additional stability and blood circulation to the calves, two huge reasons why so many people turn to calf sleeves when recovering from shin splints. Shin splints are a very common injury that affect more than 3 million Americans every year, and their pain is hard to prevent if you have a moderate to high intensity exercise regimen.

Benefits of Enerskin

Many people turn to other compression sleeves or taping such as KT tape for additional support in the calf regions. Enerskin combines hi-tech compression and patented silicone taping technology for a wearable experience that combines all the best technology available in activewear in a reusable, easy to use form that doesn’t damage the skin like other tapings can. Our sleeves are made from GASTEX(R) fabric, a unique blend of Xtra Life LYCRA and other stretchable fabrics that allows for a comfortable wearing experience without sacrificing performance benefits. Users have said that Enerskin provides them with unmatched pain relief, and this is combined with all the performance enhancing effects that the compression and silicone taping can provide.

Performance Enhancement

Any athletic product that can help provide so much pain relief during intense exercise will be able to increase their stamina. This is the case with our calf sleeves especially. The enhanced proprioception provided by the stability of a compression sleeve helps prevent the pain that can cause the effects of fatigue to build up. A little bit of extra energy can prove all the difference; just ask any athlete. Our calf sleeves also can enhance users’ jumping power and vertical leaping ability; researchers cite the increased muscle warmth, decreased muscle oscillation, and enhanced torque generated by the hip when wearing compression calf sleeves. The sleeves are especially helpful for those participating in Golf, basketball, soccer, track, and other sports, intensive workouts or activities.

You can purchase a calf sleeve on our men’s shop or our women’s shop.

Product Review - Eric Ulliman from Columbus, Ohio

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Eric Ulliman, an Enerskin customer from Ohio, asked us if we wanted to hear about his experience. We were thrilled to hear about the difference Enerskin made to him. Eric turned to Enerskin after having extensive surgeries on his knees, surgeries that he himself described as "More than usual." He found the product enabled him to feel almost as good as he did pre-injury, and that it worked better to help him than anything else he tried.

"I tore my ACL and meniscus in February of 2013 playing basketball. The doctor used my hamstring tendon to make my new ACL. After 3 months of rehab, I was slowly getting back and improving, until about 6 months post-op. I returned to the doctor and discovered my meniscus was torn again. During that 2nd surgery they found bone particles in my joint and discovered a crater formed, about the size of a nickel, on the lateral femoral condyle. They drilled 8 holes up into my femur and repaired my meniscus. That surgery was in January of 2014. I Again began to recover until mid-May, when I began to have swelling and pain again. After another appointment they told me I had no cartilage left in my knee. I went in for a Denovo procedure. (This procedure takes cartilage from a juvenile cadaver and implants it into my knee.) Again my meniscus also needed repair.

So, following 3 knee surgeries and countless knee draining appointments I was still in pain. This January they did a Synvisc injection but had no relief. I was told they either try an experimental surgery in the fall or a knee replacement. At the age of 24 the knee replacement is the last option. I found this Enerskin knee sleeve product and decided it was worth a try. I have been working out with it on and also just walking around at work with it. I have to say this is the most pain relief I have had since before any of my surgeries. I have ran for the first time in awhile and doing things I haven't done in 2 years. This product has been great for me and I really wish I had this before my injury.

Young athletes need to understand the importance of injury prevention. As an exercise science major in college, I was able to learn about the anatomy and biomechanics of the human body. I think it is as important, if not more important, to educate before the injury happens.  Again I want to thank [Enerskin] for this product. I told myself even if this just relieves pain and I still can't run that it was worth it. This has done more than that."

You can purchase your own knee sleeves in our online shop.

Know Your Enerskin: Knee Sleeves

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Know Your Enerskin: Knee Sleeves, Silicone Taping, Compression, and Recovering from Leg Injuries

Enerskin's knee sleeve looks like this when worn correctly.

Enerskin's knee sleeve looks like this when worn correctly.

Enerskin offers a full line of silicone taping compression products, but our knee sleeves might be the perfect product for you. If you’re suffering from an Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL), posterior cruciate ligament (PCL), medial collateral ligament (MCL), or lateral collateral ligament (LCL) injury, or any other kind of leg injury such as runner’s knee, achilles tendinitis, or shin splints, or you experience frequent muscle soreness, an Enerskin knee sleeve could be extremely beneficial in your recovery or in preventing further injury. The knee sleeve covers all vital leg areas from upper leg to calf, so you don’t need to purchase an additional calf sleeve. If you’re looking to enhance your leg area muscles’ performance, there’s plenty of other effects Enerskin knee sleeves have that could benefit you.

Injury Recovery & Prevention

ACL, PCL, MCL, and LCL tears are all devastating sports injuries that can take up more than half a year to recover from.Athletes who suffer from these injuries need anything they can get in order to maximize their recovery during this difficult rehabilitation process. Knee sleeves can be great for rehabilitation patients who have finished using their knee braces but still need additional support in their leg areas to deal with continuous daily stress applied to these areas from activities like weight-lifting (great for clean & jerks and squats) or running. The most valuable element of the Enerskin knee sleeve for these users is the hi-tech compression; it helps keep muscles aligned to prevent muscle fatigue which can result in further injuries, and helps alleviate pain during and after workouts. This compression enhances the blood flow in these muscles, resulting in less swelling during a workout and faster recovery after a workout.

A study in the Korean Journal of Physical Therapy found that products that utilize silicone taping and compression provided substantial benefits for ACL recovery patients in helping them improve their strength and balance. The silicone taping compression products enhanced users’ proprioception, jumping ability, dynamic balance, and thigh muscle strength. The increased proprioception, dynamic balance and muscle strength can provide relief and an enhanced recovery for those suffering from shin splints or runner’s knee. The muscle re-alignment this product provides would be great for those in the final stages of their rehab of these injuries, or those who have suffered from these injuries and still have lingering pain or soreness from them.Using these knee sleeves can also prevent further damage in these crucial ligaments and leg areas.    

The Benefits of Enerskin wrote that the "The best knee sleeves I've ever worn" came from Enerskin. wrote that the "The best knee sleeves I've ever worn" came from Enerskin.

Enerskin’s compression knee sleeves aren’t the same as any other knee sleeve, however. They utilize a unique silicon taping pattern that provides effects similar to the effects of therapeutic or kinesiology taping in a reusable form that is easy to use and doesn’t damage the skin like traditional taping can. These sleeves are also made from a unique fabric called GASTEX®, which combines XTRA life Lycra and other stretchable fabrics for a truly unique product fabric. GASTEX® is extremely comfortable, durable, allows for easy mobility and is usable for hours at a time.GASTEX® is also water repellent, and wicks away sweat easily, making it great for watersportsor for excessively sweaty activity.  

Enerskin knee sleeves can be worn with the taping on the outside during recovery and lo-intensity activity.

Enerskin knee sleeves can be worn with the taping on the outside during recovery and lo-intensity activity.

Our patented silicone taping technology utilizes an intricate printing system that prints three layers of silicone onto our products. This taping allows for the products to utilize dual functionality, based on how they’re worn. Wearing the taping on the inside provides enhanced benefits for hi-intensity activities, while wearing the taping on the outside enables faster recovery and less soreness during lo-intensity activity and post-workout recovery. This taping system helps prevent one of the most common issues with any knee sleeve - slippage. Slippage can be a real pain, but our taping system is great for preventing this due to its stickage. The sleeves pair well with our compression short tights as well - wearing the shorts over our knee sleeves can prevent further slippage and provide coverage with compression and taping to your entire leg.

Performance Enhancement

Most knee sleeves are mainly for injury rehabilitation and prevention, but Enerskin can also help users enhance their performance. Our sleeves help users improve their jumping ability and their muscular force & explosive strength, as well as their speed and endurance. This makes these sleeves great for almost any sports, but particularly suited for soccer, basketball, running, crossfit, weightlifting,  powerlifting, baseball, cycling, gymnastics, martial arts, and hiking.There’s room for benefits for any kind of athlete; if you think this product sounds right for you, there’s a great chance it will help you succeed at whatever activity you need an extra boost in.

Enerskin Knee Sleeves are available in UNISEX sizes on our mens’ shop and our womens’ shop.

Know Your Enerskin: Short Tights

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Know Your Enerskin: Running & Enerskin Silicon Compression Short Tights


Enerskin offers compression gear for all the vital parts of your body. Our short tights could be the ideal product for those looking for compression gear supporting the muscles on their lower back, glutes, and upper leg areas. These short tights have many unique benefits; they can help increase blood circulation, prevent hamstring injuries, and increase lower body muscle strength. This makes them great gear for runners, as well as others who participate in almost any sport, and those undergoing corrective pelvic osteotomy.


Meet Dr. Nara Yoon, Enerskin's Medical Consultant

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Meet Dr. Nara Yoon, Enerskin’s  Medical Consultant



Dr. Yoon is the founder and owner of PhysioElements Physical Therapy in Manhasset, NY. She received her Masters of Science and Doctorate of Physical Therapy from College of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University. She is a certified specialist of orthopedic physical therapy (OCS) through the American Physical Therapy Association’s Board of Specialties.  She has a varied array of post graduate certificate trainings, in Orthopedic physical therapy, Manual therapy, Schroth Scoliosis Therapy, Women’s health physical therapy and in fitness such as pilates, TRX, Kettlebell. She also teaches Barefoot Training Specialist workshops as a Master Instructor with the Evidence Based Fitness Academy.  Dr. Yoon aims to provide an innovative and integrative whole person approach to helping her clients achieve their individual goals. With this in mind, she joins the Enerskin movement, to assist in the development of groundbreaking products and to make these products accessible to all athletes and patients seeking to perform at their best.  

“I recommend Enerskin to athletes who want to optimize their performance and recovery, and patients who are transitioning to functional activities and exercise programs. The quality of this product is unprecedented and cutting edge – there’s nothing like this. Support your weakest link and facilitate better movement with Enerskin!” - Dr. Nara Yoon

Know Your Enerskin: Elbow Sleeves

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Know your Enerskin: Tennis Elbow (tendonitis/tendinitis) and Elbow Sleeves

Enerskin offers compression gear for a variety of body parts, but an elbow sleeve that compresses and pressurizes the muscles on your elbows could be exactly what you’re looking for. Compression elbow sleeves can help with tendinitis (or tendonitis) & related injuries like tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, or surfer’s elbow, as well as with everyday elbow soreness, aching, stiffness, swelling and pain. Tendonitis can take 7 or 8 months to heal from; anything that can speed up the recovery process helps. Enerskin sleeves can also help enhance performance by utilizing their dual functionality of patented silicon taping technology and traditional compression to keep your muscles firm, in place and in sync with your body to improve user muscle strength, amongst other potential benefits.


Talking Enerskin with Dwayne Moore, Certified Personal Trainer

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Enerskin’s hi-tech compression gear is being used today by elite athletes and serious fitness buffs to help them enhance their performance and recover from injuries. We recently caught up with one such user, Dwayne Moore, a certified personal trainer based out of New York. 

“I noticed that I was able to train a lot better with [Enerskin], and without it, I couldn’t do anything,” Dwayne said to us.